Marcus Charles Bio

January 29, 2017

Marcus Charles, born on April 17th 1997, is an artist from Rockland County NY. Raised by his mother and father alongside his younger brother. He graduated of Suffern High School as honors student where he used to escape to the piano rooms to practice at lunch. During his senior year, he obtained an audio engineering certification from the world renowned Radio Film and Recording Connection at Terminus Recording Studio in Times Square NYC, now known as Penthouse Recording Studio. But since the age of 12, Marcus was enamored with music production and set forth on his music journey.


Marcus Charles is a dynamic talent capable of unifying the world. He raps, sings, produces all of his own music, and plays the keys all at a high level and while maintaining a message in his music. Marcus has studied music theory, takes weekly piano lessons and vocal training, on top of countless hours in the studio perfecting his art. But aside from all the practice, Marcus is naturally gifted. He perceives music as shapes and colors in addition to sound and uses these senses to aid him in his creative process.

When asked what makes him different Marcus replied, 

“On the production side, my musicianship and knowledge of music theory is what separates me. Studying theory allows me to understand exactly what is going on from a musical standpoint, build on my ideas, and ultimately make music that is simply more effective. I also have a desire to be different! But, there’s is a certain level of transparency in my music that is scarcely heard. Although I do love making music, I do use it as a tool to better myself as a person. If I can recognize my character flaws and write about them, I can work to rectify them. This forces me to be as honest as possible and it is why my music includes only real emotions regardless if I'm rapping through my perspective or someone else's. And of course, my hope is that other people with benefit from it. The most important thing for me in music is growth: growth for me as the artist and growth for the listener. If I can create something that gives someone joy or that helps them in their life, then I’ve accomplished my goal. That connection is what I value most over any other form of success.”

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